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Hi Everyone I’m Nelli Venkatesh, I’ve been working as a professional web developer from the last 3 years and programming since last 8 years on various platforms from windows Applications to Electronic hardware boards. There are lot of best practices we need to fallow while writing code so that it is readable, maintainable, reusable. Here I’ve mentioned major things you need to consider while developing highly scalable angular applications so that the code base is easily maintainable and reusable. there won’t be any problem when the web applications grows large size and still loads with minimum loading time.

Modularity :

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Hi everyone,

In modern days the attacks on websites increased, Hackers are using different types cyber attacks to steal the people information and their credentials, One of the approach is brute force attack where the virtually masked person try to guess the username and password of a website by using different combination of username passwords. There are lot of websites are prone to this attack as they don’t have any solid security measures. To prevent these type of attacks, Websites need captcha implementation to prevent the automation of requests.

As the client side captchas has a limitation that they can…

Have you ever wondered how much the sensitive data is safe when transmitting through the internet? Every day lots of government and private organizations websites getting hacked and a hacker gets access to their sensitive data. Recently hackers steal 30 million Facebook accounts access keys. What if you’re one of them? They can log in into your account and can post whatever they like.

In today’s world security is an illusion, Day by day cyber-attacks are increasing there is a need to fallow the best practices to prevent someone from accessing your information without your context. …

In today’s world security is the greater concern in web development everything is online from people date of birth to credit cards information. Every year cyber attacks on websites increasing rapidly. Have you ever think how much people information in the website is safe??? As a web developer I came across lots of websites with security vulnerabilities and can be hacked using simple SQL injection techniques. In today’s world security is an illusion if you don’t follow the best practices while building your website.

I’m Venkatesh Nelli a full stack developer with good knowledge on security vulnerabilities in websites. In…

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